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Title: Just Remember, You Are Not Alone
Artist: [info]youkeyh 
Rating: PG
Word Count: 11, 130
Character/Pairing(s): Kris Allen / Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta
Warnings: Comatose, Language
Summary: Kris announces to the world that he is gay, and faces rejection because of it. Even Adam rejects him for a while, but for a completely different reason. His subconscious hungers for Kris and he knew he had to get away before he did something that both of them would regret...

Artist's notes: So um yeah. Finally got to post all of them.I really had fun making the art for this one. One reason, was because when I first saw the summary post for this on the claiming post on [info]kradambigbang I really, really wanted this. Let's just say that in some way, I have been on the same situation that the Kris in this story have gone through. So somehow, the story had an impact on me, more so when I got to read the draft. And this being my first time to join anything like this was really scary for me. So I'd just like to thank [info]shrouded_tears for being really patient with me.

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Title: Become What You Hate

Author: YoukeyH

Beta: -

Length/ Word Count: 2632

Main pairing/ character/s: Mikey Way/ Cady Iero (OFC)

Other pairing/s and/or character/s: Mrs. Iero, Mentions of (Frank Iero, Gerard Way)

Timeline: High School

Rating: PG-13

Genre/s: One-shot, Angst, Romance

Warning/s: Cursing, Mentions of bullying

Disclaimer/s: do not own Mikey Way, Gerard Way and Frank Iero. They are their own persons. I only own the story and Cady. So don’t sue me. I have no bank account; therefore, I have no money.


Summary: There he was, laughing along with a bunch of preps. Looking ‘oh-so-cool’ and as almost all the girls in this school say; ‘Oh-so-damn perfect’ or ‘oh-so-fucking gorgeous’ –just add some girlish/sluttish screams and squeals to it. –Almost. I, however am not affected by the charms he’d put on display so the whole world can drool over him. Factly because –I knew him. I know the real him.

Author’s Notes: Title taken from Midtown’s ‘Become What You Hate’. Can’t remember where this came from. This is the first fanfic that I’ve ever finished. So –yeah. Hope you enjoy this one. Comments, suggestions, violent reactions or any of those sort will be welcome and appreciated. Now I’ll leave alone so you can read. *runs away*






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